One of the most important choices a family will make is the selection of an outer enclosure/burial vault. There is no state or local law that requires a family to select an outer enclosure; however, most cemeteries require the use of at least a minimun outer enclose to help support the earth above the grave, allowing the cemetery to maintain its appearance.

We have choosen to do buisness with several vault companies in our region. Each company has its own unique story and we are proud that these companies have built and designed burial products to fill our requests and needs, in turn alllowing us, the funeral providers to offer products of high quality.

These are the companies we have choosen to help serve our families:


                             Behrmann Vault Company of Ridgeville Corners, Ohio

                          Longstreth-Wilbert Vault Company of Galion, Ohio

                          Paschal Vault Company of Hudson, Michigan

                          Seislove Vault Company of Tiffin, Ohio

           We respectfully honor the wishes of our families if they have a preference of whom they would like to service their burial vault.